I have lossed—and I live in loss.

I have loved and I live in Love to love.

I was a mother to early babes, and I am a mother to a beautiful boy.

I am learning that motherhood is an embodied way of living that allows for different knowledge to unfurl forth if we let it. I attempt to share those fantastical and mystical experiences here which have common characteristics:

Lament brings out the fullness of human experience—not happiness or positivity—but a radical joy only through experiencing lament.

Love is found in the slowness of life—not in the efficiency of it.

Motherhood ushers in a gift of relational depth and affirms that the emotional life matters—rather than a superficiality of relationships and a denial of the connection between heart and hand (and body).

Bird & Babe originally showcased web development and design by my husband and me in 2010. In 2013, it grew into a space for my musings on embodied living & everyday spirituality. Today, in 2019, it becomes even more: writings on embodiment & grief from a life lived from hope.

Welcome to Bird & Babe, I hope you nest and stay a while.



Jessie Lipps is from the pregnant part of Illinois and has been married for nine years to her husband Jonathan. They live together in Vancouver, BC with their beautiful boy.

She enjoys dancing, cooking, gardening, reading, and live music. She is currently earning a doctorate in arts education under Celeste Snowber at Simon Fraser University and holds a master’s in theology from Regent College and a bachelor’s in education from Trinity International University. Jessie believes that motherhood is the new childhood.

photos by Alana Couch Photography

calligraphy by Tara Jones Calligraphy