Jessie Lipps

Inaugural Post

Jessie Lipps
Inaugural Post

Welcome to Bird & Babe.

Today marks a new day—
a new gestational growth for me.

What was once a place for my web designs with my husband—
and then a place for my writings on embodied living & everyday spirituality—
becomes a home for a life lived from hope
through loss, love, and motherhood.

This different way of life
impregnated me
with a hope
that took embodied form and bore a child
after multiple losses.

This new way of life—where I get the gift of looking at my actions, motivations, and choices—
also changed how I love.

And it’s altering how I mother, and how I would have mothered had I continued living from
a place of unknown blindness, a known denial, or even an aware consciousness.

But awareness doesn’t usher in change for me.
Seeing my ways in the loving arms of Love does—
and this Love has hands, arms, feet, breath, and a transformed way of living.

By relating in and
with Love—I am slowly changed
because my heart becomes anew.

It sees and is empowered to sojourn on.

There is a mysterious joy that arises from the pain of consciousness
and the sight and experience of loss.

Hope Lives.
And it remakes everything while not everything is remade yet
because it rebirths my heart.

I live and write from a premise
that a heart is wounded
and a heart can heal,
and really live from a new center,
a new circle.

Over the last fifteen years,
I have been on a journey—a personal one.
As my friends graduated from college and found jobs,
I took time off from graduate school
to study my heart—
I took odd jobs where I could process and get paid for it,
I started going on retreats
and then silent retreats.
I was ultimately examining what shaped my identity,
where my identity lay,
and how to become integrated.

I had a beautiful friend
walk with me on that journey
who had been on a similar one,
who had known ‘the desert’ for a decade
and who helped me become familiar and comfortable in mine.

He was a friend and guide
and now I feel led to share about my life.

I welcome you to be a part of my journey
as I garden vignettes of my personal story and day-to-day here
along with relevant insight and inspiration from my doctoral studies—
all in the area of embodiment, loss, love, and motherhood.

Hope Lives
my life stands as a witness to that.

Hope is the Sun through the storm—
not just after it.

Hope changes everything
even if everything else stays the same because
hope changes the heart.

Welcome to the recreated Bird & Babe,
where I sing this new song of life—
a life rehatched from hope through loss, love, and motherhood.