Bird & Babe
is a special arthaus that started in 2010 and has now grown into an editorial and shop, where meaning comes together and is shared on the web.  Where all facets of life (which we usually break down into categories like cooking, creativity, exercise, work, family, counseling, spirituality, learning, expression, etc.) are humbly integrated and lived in the personal life.  Categories can be helpful, especially in understanding and searching out certain questions or topics but they can also undermine their very cause: to tie together and weave a coherent understanding of life.  Therefore, Bird & Babe, as it always has been, is about integrated lived experiences.  In other words, this arthaus focuses on the 'how' in life, and this new chapter of it brings two new developments.

Each season has a theme and each week within that has two editorials.  The Tuesday post touches on the personal life while the Friday entry explores the value of place.  (The theme for this winter is courage.)  On occasion, there will be a third dimension "the shop" where created goods may be purchased that reflect the integrated lifestyle lived on these pages.  I originally started this arthaus in my small flat in Oxford, inspired by the notion that experiencing life as an integrated whole may just be more worthwhile and wholesome than viewing it as a collection of bits and parts.  In fact, it may just be the very Life itself, coming to life within us in every breath.  Welcome to all who desire to Breathe.

  - Jessica