1. "Love Never Fails" in The Regent World, Fall 2015  //  a publication of Regent College, a graduate school of Christian studies in Vancouver, Canada, that connects College news, people, and events to conversations in our world

When we call out to God, he answers us. In the midst of our pain, in the midst of our confusion, he is always there. The hardest part, though, is asking to see, asking to hear, asking to be part of our renewal—seeing that we need renewal.

During a recent trip to Hawai`i, I had one such experience of seeing more of myself. I had drastically overspent and was intoxicated with a certain shopping experience to the point that I couldn’t see my double vision...

2. "Dance, Transcendence, and Moments of Recovery" in Transpositions, July 2015 //  the official and award-winning blog of the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at University of St. Andrews in St. Andrews, Scotland

Dancing in the trees
The five silent days praying about my vocation were grueling but also mysteriously glorious. Gratefully, a very clear encouragement arose: I was to “be” and to dance (among other things). I had known that I was a dancer since I was four even though I went on to train in karate for the next 17 years at the encouragement and sometimes mandate of my father who was also my coach. I knew how to train my muscles, but I didn’t know how to open my heart.

So, by faith, I entered a very unknown land: an intentional time of doing ‘nothing.’ I went against the undercurrent of cultural, familial, and even personal expectations for myself. I found more of my identity in Christ than I had previously. I danced, wrote, and simply was. I moved, reflected, and prayed. I embodied concepts, expressed, gave, and was open. And I tried hard not to turn this into something ‘professional’...