When Life Leaves Her Hiding Place

This week, a poem.

With love,

When Life Leaves Her Hiding Place
Jessie Lipps

Life is vulnerable
Life is raw
Life is naked
Life is sacred.

Only life can grow in
a womb of trust

Who are we to call ourselves
When we live with clothes and sheaths
and armor and shields?

Our dwelling places dark,
our 'living' spaces secret,
light that is around
cannot but remain

But OH what is light
     but life all-around?
And if Light is all-round,
     Life must abound!

Love is fragile
and oh so naked
can it ever strengthen
in a world delineated?

Yes, I believe so
when love comes out
     to be naked.

Love is vulnerable
Love is raw
Love is powerful
Love is but awe

Only love can grow
in a womb strengthened
not on her own accord.