Top Five Things

Here are the top 5 things I'm into right now.
I can't help but see things anew within the familiar.

and they are in no particular order.

x Jessie

1. Making squash soup with the skins on.

A couple of Saturdays ago, upon arrival into San Francisco from Newport, Oregon, my husband and I made a quick stop at the Ferry Building.  The beautiful farmer’s market was going on, and I couldn’t help but have us stop (he was also in agreement), nab our greens and fruit for the week, and then head on home—suitcases and groceries in hand!  I picked up a butternut squash and a gorgeous bright orange one (that wasn’t technically a pumpkin but sufficed my itch to get a one).  At some point, I decided to make soup and when the time came—I did with the skins on.  Something seemed right about it and after a quick internet search to make sure they weren’t toxic, I proceeded.  Benefits: skins are rich in nutrients + color is enhanced! + complexity is gained right away + super easy to make. 


2.  Montana

Driving through most of the state, our phones didn’t have signal.  While it could have been scary, thank God, (honestly), that it wasn’t.  It was actually liberating and created boundless opportunities to trust him as a guide, leaning into his providence while enjoying the world.  Also, we both appreciate being unreachable in our overly reachable world.  We put them away, stashing them into the pockets of the car and simply cruised with the windows down, hair blowing in the breeze.  I’ve been without signal before (when I intentionally shut it off), but never state-wide on a car trip that happened on its own.  It was pretty cool, especially given the age we’re living in.  (Btw, Missoula rocks.)


3.  Atlas by Sleeping at Last

I interpret this latest ongoing project by Ryan at Sleeping at Last to be the map of life in music form.  It starts with the universe unfolding, going through different EPs like the planets, the oceans, and down into humanity.  The instrumental and lyrical qualities move and inspire me.  And I couldn’t help but see it as a map when a few weeks back, planning out our cross-country road-trip, I was literally looking at an atlas while listening to Atlas.  One further cool thing: I appreciate the metaphor:  an atlas is the source that guides our way, the source that shares where things are in relation to others in this physical universe of relationships.


4. Sebago

I ordered myself a new pair of shoes because I needed them (and so I thought it was a great opportunity to check out a store I recently heard about).  I ordered a pair of loafers first and decided to return them for boots.  Both pair of shoes were phenomenal.  Upon getting them, I was impressed by their policies (free shipping and super easy, non-hassle returns) and by how well-made they were.  I love when things can last me a long time—and these boots certainly will.  I never thought boots were comfortable until these.


5. Road-trips with my husband

Jonathan and I have gone on a number of road-trips together, but the most epic was this past one: two weeks from Illinois to California.  I felt as though our car was the needle and our trail was the thread behind us.  If I wanted to, I could follow that trail all the way back, and because of it, I feel more connected in relationships and to this country (and world).  Traveling by plane now seems to disjoint me from a more grounded (no pun intended) experience.  x