This Winter Lovesong

I wrote at the beginning
of winter:

Newness creates warmth
and a safe place to grow,
allowing love, change, and perspective to
take root, flourish, and blossom.

The unknown is always unclear;
the creation or project
still being created and shaped
only illuminated by
spending time with it and Christ who is Light.

I've found this to be true
as I live out of new newness in this new year.

Something else I've learned
along the way:
this kind of newness requires
time, focus, energy.
Diligence and intentionality.
Openness and vulernability.
Courage and strength.
Humility and gentleness.
Nurturing and surrender.
Death so that Life begets.

And so with that,
Bird & Babe editorials
will continue to hibernate,
germinating this year in the springtime,
perhaps alongside the tulips
as this newness--the theme for winter--continues to
hum along, singing this new winter lovesong.

With love,

P.S.  Bird & Babe editorials turn one today!  Thank you for being a part of it.