Perspective: Two New Things

This week I bring you a couple of new things.


xx Jessie


Starting next week through the end of December, Bird & Babe will explore the theme of perspective through the lens of San Francisco, a place that is burgeoning at the seams.  Anything is game from her history to her name from the crafts movement to the hot tech scene from the bike messengers who carry loads of flowers on their bicycles to the layers of transportation around the city, from the talk of the town to the philosophy of technology.  Stay tuned.

The Trinity  Andrei Rublev  Tempura 15th Century |  Russian  

The Trinity
Andrei Rublev

15th Century |  Russian

Advent is a season before Christmas that is about waiting, but not just any waiting.  Waiting with anticipation for a special babe to be born.  It was promised this babe would embody peace and love to its fullest and be a way for humanity to live into her fullness, finally undergoing deep reconciliation with herself and her environment, with the God of Love and with others.  To mark this special season of waiting for this newborn to enter the world (which happened 2,000 years ago) as well as longing for the one day where all will be made new, Bird & Babe will send out compiled, brief meditations on Advent.  Different traditions start this season of anticipation at different times, with the most common being around the beginning of December, just a few weeks before Christmas Day.  The Celtic tradition begins the celebration of Advent 40 days before Christmas, mirroring the 40 days of Lent before Easter.  (This expression also includes monastic fasting and preparation as simple ways to cultivate awareness and contrition, humility and gratitude as we welcome again the Christ-child anew, remembering why we are in need of this great love, mercy, and relationship.)  Following suit, Bird & Babe will mark Advent via this Celtic tradition and will send out its first daily reading on Monday, November 16th to those that sign up below.* 

* This is simply to honor privacy and intent with one's original subscription to the bi-weekly Bird & Babe newsletter.  This additional letter will be sent daily with the exception of Sunday.

One other brief word, I practiced this Celtic monastic Advent last year, and it was beautiful to couch the American Thanksgiving feast in this rich tradition of wonder, gratitude, humility, and amazement, cultivating a deeper sense of thankfulness than I had experienced before while also naturally grounding the overall holiday season in this Reality rather than in empty, sheer consumerism.  (I personally love that 'holiday' is the modern spelling for holyday.)  xx