Love in the Mystery

There is something to be said about memory and love. 
Just grasping memory on a meta-level may seem elusive. 
We cannot hold or touch it,
and yet memory sits in our fasciae,
our minds, our souls. 

Just right now, are you holding stress somewhere? 
Does a shoulder or thigh need to relax or how about your throat? 
What one is gripping is the very thing one needs to let go of.

While this may seem abstract,
it is more concrete than we know.
Where memory and love meet is a place,
perhaps a bright or dark one,
but nevertheless a place.

This week, I touch upon it.


     Memory infuses us with fear or love.  Or perhaps both.  Her water imbues us just like the earth surrounds a seedling.  The plant grows out of a composite of soil.  Just like a home environment pervades a child's soul.

     When fear and love are strewn together, when shame and praise are dispersed alongside one another, confusion arises. 

     Exploring our dirt is not dwelling in the past.  It is honoring our history.  It is a part of healing and maturing.     

     It is a part of Becoming Alive and Living because when we become knowledgeable about our "nutrients" we then know what we have an over abundance of and a severe depletion in.  We can begin a journey deeper in ourselves and begin to create space for God's spirit to infuse our lives with his healing minerals of forgiveness, compassion, grace, and love in very real and tangible ways.

     Balthasar writes that "Man is the creature with a mystery in his heart that is bigger than himself...a most sacred mystery."  The readiness, receptivity and will to know a deeper truth "to cease hostilities in the face of the more constant love"  (Prayer, 22-23) is our journey.