Love: A Facet of Delight

Love has so many

Lately, I've been appreciating
her nuances of delight.

Here is what I am digg'n' this week.


> A pop-up boutique in Chicago
> Amazing photos, color scheme, and aesthetic
> I personally love how she embraces who she is--whether it's right or wrong--and then tries to figure things out from there, and how she--at least it appears this way--let's herself have fun. 
> I also love that she includes pictures of the table.  My grandmother taught me to appreciate table arrangements and to this day, I do.  Perhaps this is why I love creating space and art for my kitchen table (for example, setting the table, it can either be a chore or it can be beautifully inspired). 


Here are some photos from Heritage General Store (note the pour overs by Heritage above).  I took these in 2012 when on a brief visit to Chicago.  They sold and brewed Stumptown coffee at the time.

> Couldn't help but include the sister raves about this place all the time.  I found it creative and stimulating (no pun intended).  So fun to see it in goop this past week.


The landscape across from my parents' house

> The Gent and I arrived in the morning--around 2am and with a sister and my nephews leaving at 7 that morning, I decided to wakeup and have breakfast with them before they were out the door.  After I saw them off, I headed out to see everything in the early dawn of spring.  It was stunning and gorgeous.  I was captivated by spring's love.  (I almost hesitate showing these pictures because no still life can do an embodied experience justice--especially that morning!)


Strawberry almond drink

> Originally, I discovered this beverage because of SoW at the Saturday morning farmer's market at the Ferry Building.  (Their $10 beverage is worth every penny.)  This homemade version comes in at a very close second, especially when I'm not able to head over there when the market is open!

Ferry Building

> This afternoon, I treated myself to lunch out.  It was wonderful and life-giving, not to mention fun.  Perfect actually.


MLK, Jr. quote on MUNI

> I saw this quote on a bus a couple of weeks ago and loved it.  I had my camera with me when I saw it this time around on the train/metro.  Love is the only force that really is able to transform an enemy into a friend.  (No matter how unbearable the thought.)  xo

> PS - But I think the real question is then:  how best do we love and what does that look like?  I think it is in this arena that I am most passionate (and how that transforms our lives, literally).  Additionally, in this area therein lies (what I believe to be) the most confusion and dysfunction.  I can almost hear someone say, "just love like Jesus does"--and while that may be true (I do believe in Jesus)--I believe the problem here is that we no longer have a memory or understanding of what his love truly looked like nor do we then grasp the depths of its radically subversive nature, implications, and meaning for our lives.  Possibly more to come here!  For now, xox.