Inaugural Issue Fall 2015

Today is the first 'issue'
for fall and with that
I reveal the theme
for the coming three months:

Tuesday will pull this thread
through the personal life
while Friday will string it through
a sense of place.

This will also take us through
All Saints' Day,
various kinds of Thanksgivings,
and most of Advent.

A brief word about the 'cover':

This visual is symbolic of the kind of perspective
which will be explored over the coming months;
or in other words, how one sees and understands
the reality around themselves.

Is the cover simply the Radcliffe Camera paired with an illustration of it?
Or is the cover actually revealing two different representations of this famous library,
hinting that there may be a physical reality of it somewhere in the world?

In our lives is it either/or or right and wrong
or is there a third subversive way of experiencing life
which hints at a greater reality outside of ourselves--

--a call to live into a fullness of ourselves
like we have never before experienced
and which only comes from the Giver of Life,
where 'right' and 'wrong' are replaced with
'life-giving' and 'life-taking' in its truest forms
(not simply what may feel life-giving or life-taking to us)?

What I am learning--at least when it comes to relationships--
is that
life may just be found in difference,
acceptance may just unleash life,
lament may just welcome reality,
and joy may just be received mysteriously
from Life itself.

So, here begins a courageous exploration of Perspective
which may be in forms of word or photo essays, poems, music,
books, or experiences.

For me, the fullness of life is gathered up in Christ
who helps me to see and to hear
and to live courageously with honesty and humility.

With love, care, and grace,