Grief & Joy Held Together

The last few months,
I saw all the holidays clip by at a pretty fast pace:
Canadian Thanksgiving
All Saints' Day
American Thanksgiving
New Year's Eve & Day

The last few months,
I've soaked in the quiet spaces
of life with my newborn and new family
at a pretty slow and intentional pace.

But it's now time for a little interlude
to catch you up
on the last couple of years.
For those that have followed these editorials,
you've seen entries pare down
from two a week to perhaps a few a year.

During this time, my husband and I
experienced grief unimaginable through
multiple miscarriages, and in the middle of those,
a separation and beautiful, redemptive reunion
(you may recall I was in 'Illinois living with my parents' for a while).

I've been reserved to share details here
because of the personal nature of such stories.
Perhaps they'll begin to seep out
they already are in other mediums: 
a book on joy with anticipated completion this year
and a retreat on grief and joy held together this April.

If you know of anyone who has lost a child particularly through
a miscarriage, an abortion, or early adoption, please consider passing on this entry
as it highlights this retreat.

With care and warmest best wishes for the New Year,


Grief & Joy Held Together: A Journey in Healing from Losing a Baby

This retreat will gently journey into the emotional, spiritual, and somatic realms of healing and recovery from child loss, particularly from miscarriages, abortions, or early adoptions.  The emotional and spiritual facets of life are integrated with the body and must be included when examining possible sources of loss, and therefore, possible sources of deep healing.   This holistic retreat, creating space to journey with Christ the Creator, will begin the evening of Sunday, April 1st and conclude the morning of Wednesday, April 4th at a contemplative retreat centre off the coast of Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Costs are minimal (room is by donation and travel and food are yours; one dinner will be provided).  For specific details regarding the location of the centre, the retreat's cadence, arrival and departure times, or to register, please email me at  Space is limited.