God Our Being

This morning,
I read a contemplative reflection
and thought you may appreciate it
as well.

Here's to a mid-January
boost of living
(or learning about a Way of living;
I get all of this may sound esoteric to some
or feel in need of further unpacking--
but it's beautiful on its own
and to add anything would seem
to take something away).

Hope you enjoy the meditation.


P.S. The brief reading is entirely from Hear the Ancient Wisdom: A Meditational Reader for the Whole Year from the Early Church Fathers up to the Pre-Reformation by Charles R. Ringma (Cascade Books, 2012).


God Our Being

Living the Christian life does have to do with participating in a range of spiritual practices and disciplines.  And so we pray, partake of the sacraments, read Scripture, and so on.  But more fundamental to all of these activities is the joy of God’s presence within us and in our world.

At the very heart of Christian experience lies a profoundly mystical reality: God at work within us through the Holy Spirit.  And to put that more strongly: God makes himself at home within us.  This is the swan song of Immanuel—God with us.

     This has two important dimensions.  The first, God makes himself at home in making us in God’s own image.  And this creative initiative is complemented by the redemption in Christ where the Trinity abides with us and in us.

     Gregory of Nazianzus, in the light of the above, reminds us that “we ought to think of God even more often than we draw our breath.”

     This is possible not so much because we are so hard at work in remembering, but because God is constantly at work within us.  Our awareness comes from God’s presence.

     Like a fountain bubbling upward from deep and sometimes seeming desert places, the Spirit is mysteriously sustaining us and calling us to greater spiritual attentiveness so that the life of God may spring up within us and amongst us.

When God is at the depths of our being, all we do has the flavor of the Spirit.  This is living a graced life.