Eatwell Farm: Strawberry Days

More than anything else,
eating food that is seasonal
(and the fruit of farming ways that
transcend mere organic methods)
has helped me redefine and narrow
my understanding of what "fresh,"
and "wholesome" are.

Or in other words, it's been a kind of a love story.

And that's just with the greens.

I haven't even told you about the strawberries.
Don't get me started.

Okay, for starters--I secretly never liked strawberries.
I still don’t necessarily, but at least now,
I eat more than a few a year
thanks to this farm (Eatwell Farm).

But oh my gosh, if you want deliciousness,
go to their Strawberry Days held in May.

The Gent and I made it a point to go this year,
after hearing about it for a few years before.

We have never tasted anything like what we did:
hot strawberries from the noonday sun falling right off the vine,
disintegrating right into your mouth,
leaving you with red sweetness all over your tongue and lips.

Last year around this time,
and in conversation with Lorraine
(farming educator +
farmer's wife),
I heard her say,
"I was teaching children about strawberries
and asked them, 'What color is the middle of a strawberry?' 
And you know what they answered?  'White!'"

Sadly at that time, I don't think I really knew either. 
I would have guessed a slight pink. 
Never a rich, ruby red.

But now I know,
(and not from our conversation either).

xo Jessica