Consciously coupling

I have been composing a daily Advent newsletter
each day from mid-Nov to Dec 25 (Christmas)
and the main chunk of today's reading
was too good not to share with you all

I couldn't help but see it as true 'conscious coupling'.

Whether you mark these weeks before
the divine birth which Christians celebrate
(or not)
hopefully you will find this meditation below
food for thought.

I found it encouraging and could affirm the truth in it.

With love and peace,

A portion of the

Dec 6 Aiden Reading meditation


Celtic Daily Prayer:  Prayers and Readings From the Northumbria Community



It is important to remember that the deeper life is in fact a deepening of our own relationship with God.


Our experience of other relationships tells us that it is perfectly possible to be with another person for hours day after day without consciously spending time together.  In some relationships there may be a deliberate policy of avoiding being together.


Being in relationship with God can be very similar, avoiding time alone, or filling that time with anything at all that can distract from the real question of how much love there is in our heart for Him, and how much being together with Him is a priority, first love for Him freshly re-kindled, the relationship still deepening.


Are you there for Him?