All in a Day's Work


This morning was a first:  we both arose at 5am (and then stayed awake--I've been known to head back to bed over the past couples of years as I've caught up on some precious sleep).

The Gent was off to Bikram, I wrote and then did a bit of research before following in my father's footsteps of soaking in a warm bath upon waking up.

After doing some loads of laundry and getting breakfast prepped, He and I sat down for a lovely, brief dine before we were off to officially begin our respective days.

It is now just after mid-day and the floors are washed, the dishwasher has been run, the doctor's been visited, the clothes are fresh and put away, and now the rest of my research for the day awaits with anticipation.

The table setting (and rhythm) remind me of our Oxonian days a few years back.  Here's to past and present.  Of having just today and just this moment to be and live.