A Photo and Sound Essay on Love

Sometimes, I think the best kinds of love
aren't analyzed but lived.

Analysis has its place,
just like research.

But the amalgamation of different loves
infused by the essence of Love himself
can create such a wonderful aroma,
that it is best left to the Presence:
The lived-life, not necessarily the learned-life.

On Saturday evening, the Gent and I
enjoyed such a kind of night around a campfire with a friend.

Music soared, a fire roared,
conversations were aglow with
life's light in seasonal greens and gorgeous herbs,
like 'culinary sage'.

Love's essences of the lived-in, divine world all around us,
created a wonderful bounty felt in our different orientations in relationships:
with ourselves and Love, each other, another, and the land.

Shalom and Bon appétit.

P.S.  Hit the 'play' button and gently scroll down to enjoy the ambiance and resonances of a gift lived.


How do you spend time with friends?
What are the sounds you hear?
The ingredients you taste?
Do you feel present when life is aglow or awash around you?
Do you feel present with the Love?