A New Kind of Local

For this Friday post, I am so stoked to launch my first line of stationery!  Ten years ago, I dreamt about creating a line of cards with my illustrations on them.  I would find myself routinely sharing this idea with my sisters whenever we were in card shops together.  However, I wasn't exactly sure just how to ever pull something off.  Plus, I was in school and not really thinking seriously about my desire.  Well, over the years, I've learned to listen to those feelings more (and understand why it actually can be hard for me to listen to those, but that's another story.)  The time was right to let the idea not just rest back on the shelf anymore but to be born into reality.  I am also ever so grateful to be in San Francisco and a part of the artisan community where I met James Tucker, a Master letterpress printer.

So without further ado, here they are.

With love,


P.S.  They are quite young and new but can be found!  Currently, 'The Shop' section on Bird & Babe and the 'Books & Gifts Dept' in Rainbow Grocery (San Francisco) sell them.  xo

The inspiration behind each card may be found here (starting with Drinkwell Softers).  xo