My Unraveled Day

Today just felt like a day to take off. There are many things cooking right now-- a writing project, a move, possibly another move, possibly school (a PhD program!) and many things in between.

But it wasn't quite the conscious choice. My day unraveled into this day of bliss as I listened. It seemed like my whole being just needed time and space to think and Converse with the Living One.

So, I watched two World Cup games with friends this morning at their home and then this afternoon at a nearby pub. photo

Then on the walk home, I decided to cut through a park... and had the brilliant idea of lying in the grass. It was so wonderful to place my hands behind my neck, watch the clouds and be present.

photo 5 Then I took "backroads" home and found myself cutting through this beautiful beer garden which had a creamery next to it. Their claim?  They made the creamiest ice-cream. They actually do--but a little too creamy for my tastebuds.

(Think whipped butter with no butter taste but with a little more cream and coldness mixed in). I really almost didn't finish it--but the lavender in their kept drawing me this was too much!

photo 4

Around the corner from this outdoor ice cream shop was an outdoor coffee stand--a perfect way to cut through the creaminess still on my palate... And it was right in the sun. A perfect spot to continue my heart's Conversation. photo 3

When I placed my dishes back on the counter, I heard my mother's gentle voice expressing that I probably... ...ruined my appetite for dinner... ...she was right... however...I couldn't just have ice cream and coffee for dinner at five...

So I continued on through the backroads to the original destination: A pizzeria that is one of my favorite pizzerias in the world.

photo 1

Since today was a day off from projects, I also decided to go easy on the food ingredients. I usually stay away from gluten and dairy plus other things!!!

It was heaven and bliss all around though as I found myself continuing to talk with God.

Then on my date with myself and This Higher Entity of Love, I was captivated by two things that seemed just perfect for the type of day I was having as well as for what my heart needed somehow: 1. The poem in this menu photo 2


2. A tiled cross I discovered on the wall under my table...