Strawberry Almond Drink

Before all of my recent travels,I was at the Ferry Building Saturday Farmer's Market and decided to treat myself to a juiced drink.

IMG_1135 - Version 2

I watched the 'barista' 'making what seemed like a guaranteed, amazing strawberry and almond drink.

Essentially it was comprised of strawberries + their own homemade 'special' almond milk that had brown specks, brown swirls, etc. coming out of the beautiful pour.

Since then I've made my own version a few times, and thought I'd pass this fun, nutritious, summer drink along in the event you may be inclined to naturally like it or if you are searching for fun foods to enjoy because of food sensitivities or dietary restrictions.

Recipe for Jessica's Strawberry Almond Beverage: {gluten-free, dairy-free, nightshade-free}

1. Make your almond milk

- soak 1 cup of almonds for 8 hours (or overnight) - pinch off the skins (don't be intimidated - it goes by quickly!) - place in a food processor with 2 cups of warm water - blast away - pour out of food processor and strain through a cheese cloth into a separate container - pour liquid in the separate container back into food processor


2. Prep your strawberries

- cut off stems as many strawberries as you'd like (I did five or so) - wash and rinse

strawberry slice

...making sure to enjoy a few along the way...


3. Combine ingredients

- place strawberries into food processor - add vanilla to your liking (I did about a teaspoon) - add sea salt to your liking (I did about a pinch!) - optional: real maple syrup (about a teaspoon) - blast away!

4. Enjoy!!  It's SO good.  And healthy too.  Great as a breakfast or as a snack.