Holy Saturday

Not much to be said hereexcept that this day always seems to be the quietest day for me. Of the year. No matter what is actually 'going on'.


I think I cleaned and swept, preparing for Easter-- which is a bit of a predicament for me since I have the foresight? hindsight? that the story doesn't end here. (And we continued prepping upstairs!)


I finalized a firm headcount for the celebration that will take place tomorrow: 10 folk, 12 including the Gent and me. The number has fluctuated between 0 and 20.


I was so stoked to be birthing this creation: a space carved out from a tent, pillows, and good food. Sadly, no extended family was able to make it!





But I prayed from the beginning that 'those that are supposed to come will come'. And that meant strangers, neighbors, old and new friends, different faith backgrounds, various sexual orientations, and my husband and me. Tomorrow will be just as it is supposed to be-- and that is glorious! {So stoked!}