The Tiny Life in Tiny Houses

I've heard of tiny houses before,but I just came across The Tiny House Movement and one of the websites for it (The Tiny Life).

It was there that I came across this wonderful little poster about the facts and figures of tiny living.

I feel partially connected to this movement since I live in a very small space (although according to tiny living, I may live in two tiny houses combined).  My flat is about 425 sq feet.

My kitchen is in my living room and my living room in my kitchen, and it's taught me the best of both worlds: comfy seating in a place where all the convos take place...

Anyways, here's the poster! Love the awareness, conscious choice, and integration of those two into daily living. And...that it requires a simplicity of living which I believe first starts from within.

And one more thing:  I love that most people that build a tiny house have little to no experience! In other words, in an expert-only-experience-only world, it allows for true ingenuity, creativity, and freedom to be experienced, engaged with, and lived!

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