a personal psalm

Lord, Please help me not think of myself greater than I am. When I find myself upset with someone, help me to know how to feel and then help me to see that very thing inside me and how I do that very thing to you.

It is true almost every time if I look deep within.

Help me to return to you and to know you like a lover who can only think of you.

Help me to know that you are there, wanting to be with me, spend time with me, Help me to see you O Lord.

Help me to turn to you when I feel sadness and a loss of words and help me above all, to love you and to know how to love myself well.

Thank you Sweet Jesus for the gifts you have and are giving me, I pray that I can recognize goodness when it is in front of me.

Restore me O Counselor. Heal me and may I know you more and know myself more.

Help me to see. To accept. To love. To weep. And to return to you.

And may others return to you as well like a lover who has found his lover. May he awake and see and hear. May she speak and listen and be glad. Make us whole O Lord. Have mercy on us. Awaken us, caress us, arouse us with your Love that is so great. Help me to know this Love. And to remember it and hold it fast.