A Lenten Preparation for Easter

This Easter*, I felt encouragementto create, welcome, and open my life and my flat to guests.

So that is what I am doing. I have been in a very quiet season over the years that has not involved much of this type of thing, though I love hospitality.

I somehow have a vision of what the space and atmosphere will look like and feel, and so this Saturday the Gent and I ventured out, and found exactly what we needed.

photo 1

16 are set to come perhaps another 4. Some family, some friends, some newly acquaintances, such as the gentlemen who kindly housed what will be our table in their garage while we figured out how to haul it from the sidewalk to our flat.

Many are from a variety of spiritual backgrounds, and these friends I am particularly excited to have over-- to simply be friends and people together, either celebrating together that Jesus is Love or to nourish our budding friendships by inviting them into my spirituality. I have appreciated knowing theirs during previous moments.

photo 2

We are prepping and preparing, excited to celebrate the God of our understanding with others in our home.

photo 2


*Easter, for us, is a time commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, whom we believe to be the Son of God and Son of Man, from his death, now marked and known as Good Friday, the Friday before Easter.