A Reflection on World Vision's Decision

It's pouring outside.  At times today, it hailed..._hailed_ in San Francisco...

On a mid-afternoon break, I decided to scan some Twitter news The first time this week.

Surfing the list of tweets, I couldn't help but see a follow-up to a story I loosely tracked last week.  The story over the past handful of days was about a Christian corporation making a decision to accept all kinds of employees regardless of their sexual orientation. The update:  they reversed their decision (after probably facing an exorbitant amount of pressure).

This whole situation is big but what it reveals, I believe, is bigger and is the very nugget driving this thing:  when the Church decides to love, the Powers in Control have real reason to fear.

They did this when Pontius Pilate was going to spare Jesus. Jesus died because he threatened systems that are so ingrained in our beings, that without our awareness, acceptance, and action, those Structures will arise and strike whenever they are challenged.

(Does this mean they are more powerful that He?  Not in the least--but that is another post.)

The religious system of the day couldn't allow the love of Jesus to flow and challenge their thinking, and the irony is that the current religious systems of the day (using religious quite intentionally here) still can't allow for the love of Jesus to shine forth because it may mean that his love _isn't_ shining forth from them, and that of course, would be all too revealing.

I certainly know what that feels like and it feels all too vulnerable.

But God weeps when we aren't connected to him in fundamental and deep ways.

God weeps.

And I am constantly amazed that Jesus really does have no pillow on which to lay his head.

God weeps for us because we do not know what we do. I'd like to think that Jesus' prayer to God, his father, while on the cross expressed this very sentiment: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."  (Luke 23:34)

My prayer for those that follow Jesus, claim to follow Jesus or vehemently reject 'Jesus' (for probably good reason): May we all experience the shining brightness of God in our own darkness, may we be aware of that, feeling the humility and gratefulness--the holiness--in which we stand, and may we be encouraged to live more honest and integrated lives, receiving humility, seeking forgiveness, and extending radical hospitality.

And to the people that support this ruling: you and me stand before God, not in our equality of righteousness, but in our inequality.  Please go and know your (gay) neighbors, or simply, come to my flat and know all of mine.  You'll find yourselves close to Jesus and right at home if you've ever been marginalized.  I know I do.  Or simply start by knowing more of your own story and extending gentleness to yourselves.  We all are in need of that.

With love, Jessica