Today, amongst many things,I transplanted plants that were in need of a bigger home.


They looked fine and cozy in their spaces.  But being around them daily, knowing their history, and examining them closely each day, I could tell their spirits were quietly dying.

I don't know if they knew. Perhaps they just felt a little off, a little lax, or perhaps perfectly snug and looking adorable.

But their color was actually turning paler, and they were running out of nutrients from their spaces.


And not only nutrients but just space in their original environments-- this little one now has a whole root system at two weeks old.


As I gently transplanted each little one into her new home, I could tell the energy was brighter.

And they seems more suitable, apt for their new place. There will be adjustments and some old things may die as new roots take hold, but this is for the best!


I could not help but reflect on how God has transplanted me so many, many times. Some are welcomed transitions, others take a while to get used to, and still others have waves of pain that I don't think will ever go 'away'.

But new roots have sprouted and are taking hold in the walls and cracks of the Crag, Deep Roots are Growing in this barren place, and I can't tell you how incredibly wonderful and rich it is.


(If God has transplanted you--I would love to hear about it or even if you feel in process of 'something'.  xo)