Excuse me here

I just got done surfing the twittersphere.  I somehow think no publisher would want me if I have only 16 followers.  (I'm in the midst of trying to write a book.)  I hear in my head, "Time to puff up my presence online."  Right? En route to doing the insane--that is, me taking control of the situation (my residual compulsion of controlling my life) not necessarily trying to just have more friends--I noticed something in the t'sphere:

-In the Christian world, there is such a market for "Christian" things.  Books, slick sayings, promoted gatherings, a 'beautiful' way of life that (excuse me here) often seems to be rooted more out of people's compulsions (please join the club I'm in--of becoming aware of them!) rather than a true sense of humility, owning, and encountering the Risen Lord.

Do you know that I have invited people over for Easter and my conundrum is how to explain Easter?  How do you explain Easter to a dear friend who has no concept of God, of Jesus, "sin" (which is actually beautiful that she has no concept of a word that has become so incredibly misused and abused!) and only has experiences with "Christians" who defame her existence?  Is this what Jesus did to Mary Magdalene??  While talking with her, I couldn't help but feel my spirit jump out and almost say--You and Jesus would be Best Friends!!  I refrained so I could hear her wounded heart--so I could listen to her.

To the Christians that are glossy, beautiful, and seemingly about perfection:  please interact with the real world.  The world where you might just not be popular.  Where you will be so incredibly out of your league that you will really need to rely on God's spirit for guidance, words, love, and incredible humility.  My heart weeps that Jesus and others are cleaning up messes created by people's compulsions which, in turn, have injured others in the name of self-service under the guise of "God".  We are all beautifully messy.  That is, ironically, where joy can be received and happiness relinquished.