Filet Mignon

Last night, we made steaks for the first timein our six+ years of getting to know each other.

We rarely buy or crave meat, but last night (and the day before) I needed beef meat.  Not chicken, not organs, not fish, nor pork.

A beef steak.

I headed to Prather Ranch in the Ferry Building where Alex was kind enough to give me quite the tutorial about steaks (what does that word even mean?), cuts, why some will be chewy and others soft, why different methods are needed for cooking various kinds of cuts (and steaks). I was about to get the classic style of steak (a New York one) but then the filet mignon 'spoke' to me...

He recommended quickly pan-frying it, searing the edges, and then doing the poke test:  poke it till it pokes you back.

That's what we did.  And things were quite delish.

(And given that this was our first time eating steaks together, we realised a fun mishap:  we have no steak knives.  Thank you butter knives for coming to the rescue.)