A weekly recap

A weekly recap: 1. Making stock from our veg box last week (to make room for the new veggies this week).  In the midst, I came across a haloed angel.  (Thank you Loren, for teaching me the joy of looking at food when I cook.  I'll never forget bringing an onion to your class and making little drums out of the layers.)  I experienced such a peace and meditation this afternoon as I rinsed, washed, cut, and piled various vegetables into my big blue pot.  My mind could roam the pastures within, being fully present to the Moment.  Finding the haloed angel was a bonus.


2. I had a friend over yesterday (calling her Madam Merci Mille fois here) for a lunch and an improv date.  So fun when you let out the creative child within.  She's such an inspiration and a joy.  We did minute improvs after a lovely quinoa+greens-packed salad.  She rolled around on the couch.  I impersonated the 'perfect' person.  (So therapeutic!)  This was our rain check to ourselves.  Originally, we were set to build sand castles at the beach.  For another day.

3. It rained again today.  Parts of today at least.  I brought in these little guys that I highlighted earlier in the week.  So beautiful, inspiring, and calming to my heart.



4. Loving God's merciful rains.  And the literal sunshine I feel on my face right now!  xo