Our Saturday Evening Meals

A few months ago, we signed up for a CSA box.  (This one is the kind where the source is the Farmer and the Farmer's wife rather than the source actually being many farmers or vendors that pool together.)  I can't get over how fresh everything is, especially the greens.  I have eaten leafy vegetables before simply because I knew they were good for me.  However, now I eat them because I can't get enough of them.  This is not simply because I am new to 'freshness'.  I have eaten organic for almost 15 years.  Last year, I made the move and experimented with only eating things in season and that were local.  I thought I knew what taste, freshness, and realness were - until I signed up for Eatwell Farm's CSA box back in the fall.  Y.U.M.  (And yes, they have their own eggs--which anyone around will tell you they are the best $10 you've ever spent.) IMG_6721

The way Nigel and Lorraine farm is incredible and the taste buds just know that--no thinking needed.  Each week, the Gent and I look forward to getting our box and discovering a new kind of spinach or cabbage variety (Wakefield anyone?  So beautiful and sweet actually.)


Below are some pix of what is becoming our Saturday evening meal:  a big fat salad with as many greens as you can think of + a kick-ass dressing the Gent makes.