An Afternoon Coffee

Last week, she canceled because sheoverexerted herself:  she had made two trips to the groc(ah)ry store because it might rain.

(Rain with a walker can be a scary.)

This week, I met her at the paratransit authority's office and afterward, she wanted to go out for coffee.


I had also mentioned tea--but 'Nah.  I'm not a tea-drinkah.' So we went to a new place given we were in a new 'hood.

During our time of sipping our drinks and sitting out in the sun, I found myself feeling something inside:  a growing fondness of her.

As she talked, I noticed her boisterous cheeks had gotten bigger than when I first met her in autumn.  And as result, they now rise and fall with her facial expressions differently than before: they animate her face and pair well with her eyes, eyes that can surely speak fine for themselves without words.