The UnderWorld

A few times a week,I experience the UnderWorld: the place in which people can go to be real with themselves and others, share their experience, strength, and hope, be listened to and heal.


The UnderWorld is one of the most beautiful places and spaces I have ever been to.  A place where the wealthy and poor are given the same integrity at the table.  Where we dine together, and where everyone is given equality and the right to share their voice if they so desire.


Every time I go, I become more grateful to have found this anonymous group of beautiful people.  The only requirement: we have been affected by someone else's wounds.


In this sacred space, we learn to acknowledge our own wounds, and with this acknowledgment comes increasingly crystal clear awareness as we reach out to the God of our understanding for help.


IMG_1920 Taking responsibility for our actions and detaching with love from responsibility that is not ours to take is something the UnderWorld is about. It also makes it beautiful.  We can take ownership without blame and without doing work that was never ours to do.  An unintentional disservice to our surroundings.  And all with conscious contact with God who helps us.


I am so grateful to have this family. This group of people that helps me, hears me, values me, knows me, and cares for me.  All by doing nothing but listening, being present themselves, and being open to God.  (And when I go, I can't help but think that this, on some level, is what church is supposed to be.) xo