One Frame: The Gent and Me

There is something that pulls me into this picture every time I see it. While I could reminisce about the special, sacred memories we experienced during our first year of marriage in Oxford or the accomplishment and journey of the gent's program, what I see when I look at this photo is our togetherness.  A knowledge or feeling not in my mind, but that I literally feel inside my chest.  Our love through thick and thin.  Through the valleys and peaks and the routine steady climbs of letting go and finding a new grasp in the Active Agency that binds us together.  We would surely fall apart without It.  I see how far we've come.  How far we've tried.  How far we have let go of each other to find ourselves and each other.  While we're working through some pretty significant things, I'm proud that we are both engaging with it and desiring to work through and understand things.  And we love each other in the process though it may not feel good in the moment or look anything like a stereotypical understanding of love.  Respecting someone enough to allow them the dignity to be themselves can be hard because it comes at the expense of confronting ourselves.  This confrontation unveils feelings that are usually lurking in the shadows and that are scary to encounter: despair, lament, sadness, the unknown, unmanageability, or the like.  Not easy.  But incredibly rewarding.  I am so proud at how we're engaging with our process though it can be slow and arduous and how we treat ourselves, each other, and the process of the process (!).  Our hearts love each other.  That is what I see here.  That is such a gift.

And that is what hugs my heart and snags it every time I come across it.  As well as encourages it.