Mr. Cyclops, The Nice One

I've been cultivating artist dates with myself over the past monthas a way to nurture the artist within.

The rules:

1. The dates are by myself.  (Julia Cameron strongly encourages this in her book The Artist's Way.  And because I know they can be hard for me to do, I know that I need to do them all the more.) 2. Silly, carefree, listening to the artist within. 3. My own inspired rule--I need to actually create.  I'm very good at going to museums, etc. I'm not very good at allowing myself freedom to actually create.

Given all the above, I asked my heart what it wanted to make and it wanted to make my little nephew (about to then be a big brother) a doll.  I gathered my materials and away I went, inspired originally by a doll series I saw at Heath Ceramics.

When I sat down to create this little creature, I asked it what it desired to be.  Through a co-creating-type of process with this creation, I was told it wanted to be a cyclops doll.  I tried two eyes, but it just didn't go.  So I listened to it and worked it into the creation.  Everything felt like it came together, and I could tell it he wanted to be nice, kind, and and friend to my little nephew. He received it last week as a fun, little Advent treat through the post.

IMG_5918 IMG_5922 IMG_5923 IMG_5924