A Day in SF

Gosh.  Nothing like a bomb scare."Excuse me miss, you'll have to turn around." "I live here officer."


Though it was a scare, it didn't seem quite serious to me.

"Question: should I get my stuff and head to a different neighborhood?"

"Which side of the building do you live on?" "That side" "You should be fine."

{Thanks for the confidence...}

I headed inside, started to put valuables in my pack and then took a moment to stand on my roof and access the situation-- a loud boom sound echoed between the buildings.

Smoke?!? No smoke.

I think it was the police detonating whatever they found??

There was activity on the street corner and it seemed as though something had been lifted. Pedestrians began to walk the street and slowly the sound of cars filled the air again.

{Mysteriously, I felt calm through the whole thing.}