Advent is Here

Happy Advent. I've looked forward to this season since last year.  I love remembering that all will be well one day.  I also know that for some part, it can be today:  in my heart, in my tone, in my actions, in my humility, in resting in the one who knows me and lets me sink back into him as my dear friend Jim once shared with me.  'Sublimation', he once said before adding, 'Dear, it's as if Jesus takes all the flaming arrows that people, the world throw at you.  They lose their power in the air because you're in him.  What results is deep compassion when you're able to see that those arrows come from their own woundedness.'  So, I lean back into my Lord, surround myself like a security blanket and continue on most days.  Whatever I am scared to do, afraid of, or fear (all three similar words but mean quite different things to me), I can do because literally I am empowered.   I wonder if this is what Paul had in mind when he penned the words, 'I can do all in Christ'.  For me the experience is not militaristic or professional, using Paul's words as my own weapons for gain, but instead they are deeply personal, intimate, soft and tenderly as his Spirit then nourishes my own wounds.  So, here's to the birth of this little one coming into a world that did not recognize him and still doesn't (and I'm not necessarily talking about 'the world' here), and here is to hope that some have encountered the Risen Lord and that Shalom will reign.  That Love Wins.  When I feel unnoticed, blamed, unseen, forgotten, I lean into my Lord and taste his tenderness.  His sweetness.  His knowing me and me knowing him.  And I do.  I taste his sweetness in my whole being, not merely on a level of understanding in my mind.    That is why I love and mark the Advent season.

I originally was going to hop on here and simply share my home that I've tended and cared for and one that I look forward to dwelling in as I create space to remember in my heart.  To remember why I need and love Advent.