Our weekend

Our weekend was full of routine and new things.  We picked up our CSA box from the lovely Eatwell Farm Saturday morning and even managed a little jog beforehand. photo 3

photo 1


Then in the afternoon we did our respect projects and came back for a dinner date:  lentil stew and The West Wing.  During our intermission, we talked about the comet coming into orbit and had another mind-blowing and delightful conversation.  Conversations about astronomy are some of my favorites to have with the gent.  I usually feel like we're five, looking up at the stars, and holding hands.



Sunday was different.  Usually we keep things low key and stay in.  Try not to buy things or use much technology.  These are a few ways we create space in our week to Be on this day.  We also usually pray, contemplate, walk, read, or listen to a lecture series we've been going through.  We did our usual of sleeping in followed by a full brunch: Eatwell Farm's eggs, sorghum sourdough (a real find), and some sautéed Eatwell greens.  I really appreciate the food we eat, especially during this brunch which has become a staple of ours.




I then went off to visit Eatwell Farm (!!!!), and the gent played music with his brother in our flat.  (Stay tuned.  I'll be featuring Eatwell in my weekly 'newsletter' Becoming San Franciscan this Friday.  If you're new, BSF explores the relationship one can have with place, in this case, me to San Francisco.)