Friday Night Date Night

Evening Our evening.  Friday night date night: pasta + conversation.  It started when we lived in Oxford and were living with many financial restraints.  It stuck around because we've realised what a wonderful ritual it is for us.  Sometimes they are more embellished than others.  Others might just be quite simple.  The rhythm and regularity are things we both have come to cherish (even when a particular Friday evening may not seem that fun--connecting...what?).

{There are a few rules we have made up along the way to nurture our time together.}

Rule #1 No talking about logistics, schedules, or tough conversations we may be in the middle of. Rule #2 Technology-free (if possible, sometimes the gent is on duty) Rule #3 We both want to be together and have fun with each other

After dinner and moving to the couch to finish up our conversation, the gent was tuckered out and surprisingly, I wasn't.  So, I did a few things that I had paused when the clock chimed 'date night' and now am about to turn out the lights!