Morning Prayers Today

I have been doing loads of reading lately--research, prayers, exercises, literature, etc.  One thing I came across in my morning contemplation is this reading found in I, Francis by Carlo Carretto: "When I, Francis, heard the call of the Gospel, I did not set about organizing a political pressure-group in Assisi.  What I did, I remember very well, I did for love, without expecting anything in return; I did it for the Gospel, without placing myself at odds with the rich, without squabbling with those who preferred to remain rich.  And I certainly did it without any class hatred.  I did not challenge the poor people who came with me to fight for their rights, or win salary increases.  I only told them that we would be blessed--if also battered, persecuted, or killed.  The Gospel taught me to place the emphasis on the mystery of the human being more than on the duty of the human being."

Another reading moved me as well.  It captured succinctly a prayer I had just written in my journal a few minutes prior:

"My God, I wish to give myself to thee.  Give me the courage to do so."  - François Fénelon (1651-1715)

With love and peace from San Francisco,