Forgiveness (Or in Other Words, A Vignette from my Day)

Today, I invited myself over to my friend's house for tea at which point she enthusiastically invited me over for a light lunch while we sip on our tea.  We hadn't seen each other in a while and between that time and today a lot had happened:  her trip to France for a few weeks and my cancellation of a lunch I had planned to have with some friends (including her).  She and I have one of those budding friendships where the oddest, most adventurous and random things happen - like when she helped me and the Gent move at 11pm.  We were balancing a stack of boxes while maneuvering through two separate cop situations, one in the apartment floor lobby and the other right near her car.  It was so crazy it was comedic yet still scaring the heartbeats out of both of us.  Think of I Love Lucy and Ethel with about 35 years between each other. This afternoon, basking in the sunlight that came in from her kitchen window, I shared why I was in a bit of a quieter season as of late (or, why I canceled our lunch last week).  After a consoling hug and some caring remarks, she then did something that tickled me.  She brightly inquired, "Do you need an angel card??"

I had no idea what an angel card was and thought for a moment it might be some kind of candy that goes along with our tea.  (After all, I had just found some rummaging through her tea cabinet earlier.)  A second later though, and because I really had no clue, I asked.  "What's an angel card???"

She hunted through a drawer beside the table with some anticipation.  Quietly and excitedly (perhaps because she was also desiring a card for herself and became enchanted with that rather than explaining), she remarked, "Oh, well you're a Believer so you have the Real Deal..."  A soft smile broke out across my face like the dawn.  I reflected on her words and shared them back aloud.

Meanwhile, she had found the tin can full of narrow, thin little cards--almost like toothpicks in a can that have been ironed out and transformed into flattened wafer-like structures.

The sun warmed me as I watched her pull out her card which read, "Forgiveness!"