My PhD Journey So Far (Part 3 of 3)

Part 3 of 3 My PhD Journey Series I realise that this third series is later than I would have liked--or put differently--perhaps it is later than is 'expected' given that the second post was mid-July of this year with the first post a week prior to that one.  But like my PhD journey so far, everything isn't straightforward and more often than not, time and patience seem to be the main ingredients.

In the middle of my IndieGoGo fundraising, I had this epiphany that maybe just maybe it would be best if things didn't work out for this year.  It was an odd thought to have since I had just made a video outlining why this program was needed with the assumption that it couldn't happen unless it was this year.

There are many other things happening in my life at the moment, and if the funding worked out for this year, I would still be responsible for years 2 and 3 while I was on the clock for my research in year 1.  Not to mention, figuring out when to connect with my husband who would have remained in San Francisco for the time being.  If I waited a year, perhaps my research could have a year to ferment off the clock while I go about funding the more traditional way as well as making the transatlantic move together.

So, when the optimistic, short window for my IndieGoGo campaign closed, and without the total I was seeking for my first year, I decided that (a) I was thankful that I put myself out there (I would have never done in years prior...), (b) that it felt good to share things that mattered to me regardless of the outcome, and (c) that waiting a year didn't mean this project couldn't come to fruition!

So, with that, I deferred last month and have an entry date for fall 2015.  I am making applications to funding bodies (I just had a big deadline Oct 1  - and have others coming up in the weeks to follow). I also know that I continue to be on the right course:  I find myself excited and jazzed every time I sit down to work on my applications as well as every time I have finished for the day.  I also find that God is near me on my journey regardless of the outcome.  He is personal and relational. Alive and dynamic.  Encourages and reveals.  He is love and is intimate.  Available to anyone who also desires a relational (rather than a rag-doll) God.


P.S.  I was asked to write a blog post for Transpositions, the official blog of the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St Andrews. Will share more about it in another post.